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Why do so many young Slavic ladies
adore Western men?

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We live in times where traditional values are becoming a thing of the past and the line between the division of responsibilities in a relationship is unclear. No longer do women take on the role of cooking and keeping the house, statistics show that a staggering percentage of women under 29 in countries such as USA, Australia, and the UK, don’t even know how to prepare a hot meal, having their primary focus on their career. But just because the women in these countries are changing doesn’t mean that all men are adjusting. There are still plenty of men in western countries, who are looking for a partner with traditional values. This is when they start to look outside the box, or in this case, outside the country.

We have recently caught up with Stefania, the founder of Jollyr*****.com , a platform, which connects western men with attractive young Slavic women. The platform is free to use, but the reason why it attract so many young women is that the men are required to complete a short questionnaire to ensure they are serious about starting a relationship, which protects the women from immature individuals looking for a short-lived hookup.

Stefania has agreed to share some of the insights as to why this intercontinental trend is on the rise and the motives driving both sides; the men and the women. Because it isn’t just the men who are looking, Slavic women who are registered on Jollyr*****.com are also strongly driven to start a life with western men. Why? let’s find out. In our interview, Stefania gave us some intimate insights into why beautiful young Slavic women are willing to leave their country and spend their future with an almost complete stranger.

Why did you decide to start the platform?

When we look at a typical western man and what he has to offer, things that are a standard for him such as a house, a car, and a steady job are a rare thing in some Eastern European countries. The ongoing struggle for what the westerners regard as standard are strong motivational drivers for young women; I myself was once one of these women, and 10 years ago I met a western man, who became my husband. I started the Jollyr*****.com to offer other women the same opportunity.

Why would a western man be interested in getting in touch with a slavic woman?

A lot has been said about the beauty, charm, and uniqueness of Slavic women, but no description will ever convey all their attributes until you meet and start a relationship with a Slavic lady yourself. See for yourself; head over to Jollyr*****.com and just start a chat with one of these lovely creatures. Many believe that Slavic women are great marriage partners, who uphold traditional values long lost by their western counterparts. You can gradually unveil their values and virtues while dating and when the list of their attributes gets big enough, you will realize that this is the kind of woman you’ve been dreaming of all your life. So, what is it that makes Slavic ladies perfect marriage material?
They stand for:


Yes, Slavic beauty is undeniable, the body shapes and facial features of eastern European beauties are different from those of western women. They are naturally very attractive, but they also know how to take care of themselves and how to emphasize their natural beauty with skincare routines they learned from their mothers, as a result, many of them use very little makeup. They enjoy wearing heels and flowing summer dresses that show their slender shapes. Slavic women select their clothes carefully when they leave the house, and it’s not just for special occasions. It’s an ingrained sense of pride to always look their best, even when it’s just to get the groceries from the local shop.


Many men on Jollyr*****.com complain that western women have lost their femininity. Most of them value comfort over nice appearance. They cringe at the horrible trend of western women wearing “active-wear” on a constant basis and almost everywhere they go. Whereas Slavic ladies celebrate their femininity by dressing up on a daily basis, western women seldom get dressed up, the exception being some special occasions. If you’re tired of women obsessed with feminist ideas, dressed in clothes only suitable for a young male teenager, you should definitely give meeting a Slavic woman a try, and see how feminine woman can be. Slavic women are aware that they are women and don’t try to hide the feminine charm nature has blessed them with.


Even if finding a Slavic lady for marriage is not a part of your agenda, you should have a relationship with one at least once in your lifetime. You’re guaranteed to enjoy the time spent with a smart woman who has a curious mind, and her own worldviews, and opinions about different aspects of life. This is because Slavic girls are well educated and have a broad outlook. Eastern European countries have very high standards in education, as a result, individuals finishing school in those countries. A lot of Slavic girls study foreign languages, and new cultures, they are well read so you’ll always have something to talk about while on a date or communicating with them on a dating site.


You should try your hand at chatting with Slavic women on Jollyr*****.com because one of them may just be the woman of your dreams. Slavic women are loyal and very giving when they truly love their man. They will support him and stay by his side through thick and thin sharing his joys and sorrows. “Blind Love” – is an appropriate way to describe the love of a Slavic woman. She will always side with her spouse no matter what others say about him. She’ll be his loyal friend and always be there when he needs her counsel or a shoulder to cry on.

Why are such attractive and smart women looking for western men?

We surveyed in excess of 1000 female users on Jollyr*****.com asking their main reasons for preferring to date western men and we received the following responses:

They believe that western men take better care of their women

Slavic girls seeking men abroad believe that westerners treat women better than men from their home country. Western guys are happy to give their ladies compliments or gifts. Men from Ukraine usually only show such attention at the start of a relationship, this quickly deteriorates as soon as the relationship gets more serious.

They dislike Slavic men’s mentality

Western men are used to taking care of their appearance. But in eastern European countries, the word “metrosexual” is considered insulting. Slavic men don’t pay enough attention to hygiene and rarely have a sense of style. But that doesn’t stop them from wanting to have beauties by their side. Westerners, on the other hand, are willing to invest in themselves, and their woman in order to allow her to take care of herself so that she can always look her best.

They desire a better standard of living

Most Slavic men find it hard to make enough money to cover basic needs, let alone what is considered a standard by western norms. Therefore, women often have to worry about money and sometimes have to support the men they have a relationship with. They dream of a life where they could have someone to rely on, someone to take care of those needs.

Do you have any tips for men who may be interested in meeting an attractive slavic woman?

Give it a try! Based on past experience, nearly every woman registered on Jollyr*****.com is interested in at least starting a chat with a western man. They’re charming and talking with them on a private chat can be a very pleasant experience. You never know what may happen after you spend some time on the chat and get to know them a little better.

Final word

After the interview, Stefania allowed us access to her online community at Jollyr*****.com. What we found was a large number of very attractive and friendly females. We started receiving messages from these lovely ladies as soon as we joined the platform. We had to remind ourselves that this was just a part of the job, and if we weren’t careful we could soon fall in love with some of them. They were amazing! Beautiful from the inside out, intelligent and a pleasure to interact with. We wish Stefania and her team at Jollyr*****.com all the best, and we thank her for sharing with us and allowing us access to her world of intercontinental connections.

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